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Registration for Returning and New Advised students going on now

Registration for Winter Quarter at SVC is going on now! Classes begin Tuesday, January 5. Registration for Returning Students and New Advised Students is going on now. Open Enrollment starts Thursday, December 3. For students who want to step into a new career or upgrade their job skills, SVC’s Professional/Technical programs are aligned with local and […]

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A legacy of supporting students: TRIO receives 5-year grant extension

For SVC alum Adam Mager, the TRIO Student Support Service program provided the support he needed to achieve his educational goals. “I always aspired to pursue higher education, but after high school, I did not have the financial means, so I joined the Navy instead. Ten days after my military service, I started college as […]

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Student Stories: Kyle Von Stroberg

When Kyle Von Stroberg goes to the Skagit County jail these days, he isn’t staying. He’s there to talk to young men who have made some of the same mistakes he made.   “Years ago, when my folks separated, I went off the tracks,” he says. “I had a chip on my shoulder, messed around with […]

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Student Stories: Alana Quigley

“The decision to begin studying at Skagit Valley College (SVC) was the catalyst for a positive change within my family. I began studying at SVC in the winter of 2012, with my husband following my lead shortly after. Being a non-traditional, low-income, first-generation college student, I was determined to change the course of not only […]

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Student Stories: Rocco Strain

  “Attending Skagit Valley College has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life thus far. It has provided me with a practical environment to develop a broader perspective on what it means to be educated. I was able to connect with students, teachers, and the community in a way that felt very inviting and accepting and […]

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