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Skagit Valley College announces academic Fall Quarter Honor Roll








In support of student success, Skagit Valley College is pleased to announce that the following students were placed on the Academic Honor Roll for Fall Quarter, 2017. To qualify, students must maintain a 3.75 or higher grade point average while carrying 12 or more credits.

“We are very proud of the achievements of our Skagit Valley College students,” said Dr. David Paul, SVC’s Vice President for Student Services. “The large number of students on SVC’s academic Honor Roll is a reflection of their hard work, as well as the support they receive from our faculty and staff.”

Travis Sinfellow, Albany, OR
Pearle Roospeterson, Anacortes
Kathryn Collins, Anacortes
Maxwell Backman, Anacortes
Mejak Jones, Anacortes
Arizona Weeks, Anacortes
Ruby Lindsay, Anacortes
Abigail Lindberg, Anacortes
Hope Fostvedt, Anacortes
Katie Reyerson, Anacortes
Honor Fostvedt, Anacortes
Rafka Daou, Anacortes
Jenna Deering, Anacortes
Trinh Le, Anacortes
Kyla Hoggins, Anacortes
Kevin Noyes, Anacortes
Tia Thomas, Anacortes
Jonathan Russell, Anacortes
Nicole Hurley, Anacortes
Melissa Lindberry, Anacortes
Stephen Oakley, Anacortes
Jessica Holbrook, Anacortes
Cecelia Guajardo, Anacortes
Patrick Havel, Anacortes
Dennis Dagley, Anacortes
Jared Vandeway, Anacortes
Gabriela Zavala, Anacortes
Jessica Peterson, Anacortes
Yoden Ortmannwight, Anacortes
Jack Fauver, Anacortes
May Huang, Anacortes
James Walker, Anacortes
Nicole Wynn, Anacortes
Brandon Oliver, Anacortes
Dale Aspelund, Anacortes
Frank Brown, Anacortes
Elena Kargopoltsev, Anacortes
Nikita Sotnikov, Anacortes
Don Riley, Anacortes
Jason Sikes, Anacortes
Austin Faux, Arlington
Rudy Engstrom, Arlington
Ruben Crew, Arlington
Bailey Vos, Arlington
Joel Carson, Arlington
Lindsey Jantz, Arlington
Sarah Sansaver, Arlington
Alora Houghton, Arlington
Vanessa Howatson, Arlington
Bridget Gange, Arlington
Matthew Gumbel, Arlington
Josh Pearson, Arlington
Elise Birdsong, Arlington
Colton Wiersum, Bellingham
Lily Bieda, Bellingham
Benjamin Buhler, Bellingham
Jessica Ganow, Bellingham
Romin Hutsondenovellis, Bellingham
Tucker English, Bellingham
Holly Magnusson, Bellingham
Karin Porrini, Bellingham
Lisa Balton, Bellingham
Adrienne Booth, Bellingham
Daniel Bostelmann, Bellingham
Forrest Melim, Bellingham
Jordan Pemberton, Bellingham
David Weadon, Blaine
Connor Wernz, Boise
Shelby Lindsay, Bow
Marguerite Desouza, Bow
Emily Rathbone, Bow
Jacqueline Brown, Bow
Benjamin Rathbone, Bow
Tori Springer, Bow
Mitchall Boesel, Brewster, WA
Alecia Nelson, Burlington
Chris Whitenack, Burlington
Itzel Rodriguezramirez, Burlington
Madelaine King, Burlington
Kristen Flaig, Burlington
Yamna Khan, Burlington
Aleea Flores, Burlington
Joanne Pantoja, Burlington
Elya Murza, Burlington
Sonia Gallardocova, Burlington
Abbey Maroney, Burlington
Rachel Ludlow, Burlington
Hailey Roth, Burlington
Evan Coleman, Burlington
Helena Hudak, Burlington
Yekaterina Williams, Burlington
Phillip Bunney, Burlington
Keenan Atkinson, Burlington
Veronica Gonzalez, Burlington
Caitlyn Muhlhauser, Burlington
Lauren Christian, Burlington
Amanda Anderson, Burlington
Taylor Cameron, Burlington
Michelle Durham, Burlington
Debra Okada, Burlington
Herman Yazzie, Burlington
Dania Jaramillo, Burlington
Kaylin Gwaltney, Burlington
Rebekah Stewart, Burlington
Anthony Burger, Burlington
Jayla Dunn, Burlington
Andrew Schuh, Burlington
Bailey Post, Camano Island
Miranda Omelchenko, Camano Island
Nina Chandler, Camano Island
Deanna Heggie, Camano Island
Dolors Ruscha, Camano Island
Laurel Howard, Camano Island
Cassandra Anderson, Camano Island
Raven Barnwell, Camano Island
Leah Lambert, Camano Island
Anna Erickson, Camano Island
Megan Fox, Camano Island
Alec Foster, Camano Island
Lori Wagner, Camano Island
Rayleen Hall, Camano Island
Brett Ball, Camas
Ethan Love, Chimacum
Raymond Knight, Clear Lake
Jayla Lawing, Clearlake
Samantha Cox, Clearlake
Thomas Kerns, Clinton
Sarah Strempel, Clinton
Jennifer Pinch, Clinton
Casey Justus, Clinton
Ryan Long, Clinton
Callum Macdonald, Clinton
Megan Nance, Clinton
Jacob Scherer, Concrete
Corey Mcbride, Concrete
Gina Jeffries, Concrete
Emily Schmidt, Concrete
Elijah Peek, Concrete
Himeca Maloy, Concrete
Mark Rathvon, Concrete
Roger Harbison, Corvallis
Benjamin Bruland, Coupeville
Christopher Leyvavera, Coupeville
Riley Borden, Coupeville
Tessa Oman, Coupeville
Veronica Crownover, Coupeville
Charles Garrett, Coupeville
Alexis Lenahan, Coupeville
Joshua Burke, Coupeville
Sylvia Hurlburt, Coupeville
Breanna Valencia, Darrington
Charles Parent, Darrington
David Massey, East Wenatchee
Chay Stojowski, East Wenatchee
Grayson Eady, East Wenatchee
Sandra Blake, Elma
Derek Weir, Enumclaw
Robert Trindle, Everett
Tad Cox, Everett
Vladimir Sagun, Everett
Donald Johnson, Ferndale
Dennis Phillips, Freeland
Alaistair Campbell, Freeland
Tristan Campbell, Freeland
Mackenzie Brown, Friday Harbor
Ana Sanabria, Friday Harbor
April Esposito, Friday Harbor
Hilde Mott, Greenbank
Grace Cash, Greenbank
Violet Wolfkillyaple, Greenbank
Elizabeth Brewer, Greenbank
Meagan Kubojiri, Hilo
Nicolas Roes, Kent
Tyler Johnston, Kent
Ashley Carlson, La Conner
Myken Hassler, La Conner
Bennett Masseyhelber, La Conner
Curtis Thompson, La Conner
Riley Iverson, La Conner
Monica Riess, La Conner
Elih Waltermeyer, Lacey
Erin Flannagan, Lake Stevens
Jimessa Wilson, Lake Stevens
Melissa Lebert, Lakewood
Hayden Armos, Langley
Gracie Mcgill, Langley
Lauren Edmiston, Long Beach
Aaron Gibbs, Lyman
Mark Thayer, Lynden
Kelly Jackson, Maple Falls
Emilee Ross, Marysville
Ashley Irwin, Marysville
Sarah Vickers, Marysville
Kevin Ball, Marysville
Jacob Hobbs, Marysville
Italo Perich, Mount Vernon
Felicity Walker, Mount Vernon
Jennifer Atkins, Mount Vernon
Kimberly Quevedo, Mount Vernon
Ruger Stufflebeam, Mount Vernon
Rhianon Watkins, Mount Vernon
Zhanna Valdez, Mount Vernon
Emma Sadzewicz, Mount Vernon
Esmeralda Garcia, Mount Vernon
Adam Barrett, Mount Vernon
Philip Andrew, Mount Vernon
Nathaniel Lloyd, Mount Vernon
Robert Gummere, Mount Vernon
Kelsey Hofkamp, Mount Vernon
Athena Butler, Mount Vernon
Synnova Eide, Mount Vernon
Yajahira Bedolla, Mount Vernon
Estanis Zavalamontalvo, Mount Vernon
Heather Olson, Mount Vernon
Ashley Hester, Mount Vernon
Katie Bartlett, Mount Vernon
Rebekah Jensen, Mount Vernon
Antonina Kaparchuk, Mount Vernon
Thomas Janicki, Mount Vernon
Daniel Schleh, Mount Vernon
Lizeth Diazsanchez, Mount Vernon
Alicia Anguiano, Mount Vernon
Regan Sundberg, Mount Vernon
Sarah Hastings, Mount Vernon
Lacie Hill, Mount Vernon
Sarah Rogers, Mount Vernon
Nathalie Ircink, Mount Vernon
Stephany Ayalacerna, Mount Vernon
Tanna Marshall, Mount Vernon
Alex Ferrier, Mount Vernon
Svyatoslav Borysyuk, Mount Vernon
Victoria Goshko, Mount Vernon
Jacob Hollands, Mount Vernon
Isela Garcia, Mount Vernon
Venice Valenzuela, Mount Vernon
Geral Padillamollinedo, Mount Vernon
Bin You, Mount Vernon
Brianna Gardiner, Mount Vernon
Rick Robinson, Mount Vernon
Jesse Boese, Mount Vernon
Kathleen Mactavish, Mount Vernon
Natalie Taft, Mount Vernon
Bryan Foster, Mount Vernon
Christine Taft, Mount Vernon
Nadya Gonchar, Mount Vernon
Austin Sanchez, Mount Vernon
Collin Rise, Mount Vernon
Roger Dieterich, Mount Vernon
Wanjing Fang, Mount Vernon
Cheng Luo, Mount Vernon
Yoshinori Shigematsu, Mount Vernon
Maho Kanazawa, Mount Vernon

Siulok Tang, Mount Vernon
Tamaki Seto, Mount Vernon
Dongwei Xie, Mount Vernon
Siyu Zhang, Mount Vernon
Zhengjian Zhang, Mount Vernon
Chengting Peng, Mount Vernon
Ngasze Lui, Mount Vernon
Guifeng Lin, Mount Vernon
Mayu Inagaki, Mount Vernon
Yoko Sakai, Mount Vernon
Ichigo Nishioka, Mount Vernon
Houtong Chen, Mount Vernon
Zhuoxin Yang, Mount Vernon
Takuya Ogura, Mount Vernon
Cheunghungk Li, Mount Vernon
Mina Ishiiwa, Mount Vernon
Hana Murayama, Mount Vernon
Haruka Suzuki, Mount Vernon
Akari Arakawa, Mount Vernon
Sichen Lin, Mount Vernon
Jonas Huellsieck, Mount Vernon
Nazuna Yamada, Mount Vernon
Hien Ho, Mount Vernon
Linh Vo, Mount Vernon
Linh Tran, Mount Vernon
Yeonsu Oh, Mount Vernon
Jiwon Kim, Mount Vernon
Hyoeun Kim, Mount Vernon
Jacob Booth, Mount Vernon
Victoria Herron, Mount Vernon
Jessica Weaver, Mount Vernon
Estinnely Martin, Mount Vernon
Amber Rogers, Mount Vernon
Terry Barganski, Mount Vernon
Monika Rueb, Mount Vernon
Christine Hamm, Mount Vernon
Mark Hersh, Mount Vernon
Miguel Alvarado, Mount Vernon
Carl Brigham, Mount Vernon
Hortencia Gonzalez, Mount Vernon
Vanessa Gillooly, Mount Vernon
Stacy Roux, Mount Vernon
Isabeau Beardsley, Mount Vernon
Jennif Tiznadoalvarado, Mount Vernon
Cassandra Jones, Mount Vernon
Alyssa Saupe, Mount Vernon
Brian Fischer, Mount Vernon
Jennifer Prater, Mount Vernon
Sedric Ong, Mount Vernon
Jonathan Robles, Mount Vernon
Katherine Batista, Mount Vernon
Hilda Andrade, Mount Vernon
Jeffrey Haugland, Mount Vernon
Haley Hartley, Mount Vernon
Lizette Flores, Mount Vernon
Dahlton Osborne, Mount Vernon
Alexis Garcia, Mount Vernon
Sarah Walker, Mount Vernon
Elina Davidyuk, Mount Vernon
Maribel Nzokah, Mount Vernon
Talula Stinson, Mount Vernon
Willard Grett, Mount Vernon
Cassandra Kwant, Mount Vernon
Niobe Rebanio, Mount Vernon
Jennifer Villanueva, Mount Vernon
Destinee Bogertwilson, Mount Vernon
James Monaghan, Mount Vernon
Krystal Taylor, Mount Vernon
Cierra Mulvihill, Mount Vernon
Conner Hagen, Mount Vernon
Gideon Skinner, Mount Vernon
James Geraci, Mount Vernon
Nathan Miller, Mount Vernon
Stephen Blair, Mount Vernon
Stephanie Cranny, Mount Vernon
Nicole Cochran, Mount Vernon
Lesley Ferrell, Mount Vernon
Jason Shaffer, Mount Vernon
Chad Simer, Mount Vernon
Hisham Mishalani, Mount Vernon
Madison Mccandless, Mount Vernon
Anthony Tucker, Mount Vernon
Rachelle Himmelman, Mount Vernon
Marina Cazares, Mount Vernon
Guadalupe Garcia, Mount Vernon
Kimberly Garciaavila, Mount Vernon
Dayla Curbow, Mount Vernon
Elizabeth Parker, Mount Vernon
Hailey Swartz, Mount Vernon
Brian Massie, Mount Vernon
Landon Rick, N Mankato, MN
Kyle Neiser, Napavine, WA
Melanie Schmidt, Nooksack
Jessica Stratton, Oak Harbor
Trina Trimmer, Oak Harbor
Brandee Crusoe, Oak Harbor
Wilma Lopez, Oak Harbor
Jason Flowers, Oak Harbor
Kriss Bradley, Oak Harbor
Thomas Griffith, Oak Harbor
Nathan Morse, Oak Harbor
Steven James, Oak Harbor
Nicholas Blodgett, Oak Harbor
Meghan Mccallum, Oak Harbor
Tanaia Walker, Oak Harbor
Frank Wolfe, Oak Harbor
Amber Maulding, Oak Harbor
Karlena Chapa, Oak Harbor
Kelley Fetzer, Oak Harbor
Cheri Moss, Oak Harbor
Erroll Scott, Oak Harbor
Brandi Haymaker, Oak Harbor
Crystal Manion, Oak Harbor
Tia Casimire, Oak Harbor
Esmeralda Marquez, Oak Harbor
Della Toney, Oak Harbor
Deborah Sevieri, Oak Harbor
Abigail Schmid, Oak Harbor
Danielle Magdalera, Oak Harbor
Joseph Colston, Oak Harbor
Kathryn Abrahamse, Oak Harbor
Ryan Valencia, Oak Harbor
Trenton Shaw, Oak Harbor
Michelle Booker, Oak Harbor
Suzanne Dahl, Oak Harbor
Cathryn Asp, Oak Harbor
Ainsley Pollitt, Oak Harbor
Anna Zywica, Oak Harbor
Clifton Cates, Oak Harbor
Hannah Smith, Oak Harbor
Hannah Faught, Oak Harbor
Rachel Atwood, Oak Harbor
Graham Heimer, Oak Harbor
Reilly Pena, Oak Harbor
Johanna Roseberg, Oak Harbor
Elisabeth Dupont, Oak Harbor
Scott Steele, Oak Harbor
Shanice Crosby, Oak Harbor
Kenyon Sirak, Oak Harbor
Tiaralyn Torres, Oak Harbor
Clifford Hartley, Oak Harbor
Kaileah Burns, Oak Harbor
Benjamin Knoll, Oak Harbor
Kali Nakonsky, Oak Harbor
Aubre Fifield, Oak Harbor
Glory Odeneal, Oak Harbor
Kasey Beavers, Oak Harbor
Julianna Tercero, Oak Harbor
Hannah Crawford, Oak Harbor
Forest Thompson, Oak Harbor
Ashley Johnson, Oak Harbor
Michael Wagner, Oak Harbor
Esther Keresey, Oak Harbor
Valerie Wylie, Oak Harbor
Katherine Houck, Oak Harbor
Alexander Cole, Oak Harbor
Rachel Lalonde, Oak Harbor
Lanaya Addis, Oak Harbor
Kadee Sirak, Oak Harbor
Mengjuan Timm, Oak Harbor
Christian Vasileff, Oak Harbor
Destin Mansikka, Oak Harbor
Laura Weber, Oak Harbor
Mason Rhodes, Oak Harbor
Brenden Darnell, Oak Harbor
Joseph Kiesel, Oak Harbor
Rebecca Hower, Oak Harbor
Alexander Schlicht, Oak Harbor
Nicole Sanchez, Oak Harbor
Logan Fehringer, Oak Harbor
Gabriel Quinn, Oak Harbor
Nikolai Lyngra, Oak Harbor
Myma Asante, Oak Harbor
Ronald Holley, Oak Harbor
Krystal Smith, Oak Harbor
Sierra Bowers, Oak Harbor
Nicolas Olavario, Oak Harbor
Taylor Oberg, Oak Harbor
Maxine Caldera, Oak Harbor
Milo Heiret, Oak Harbor
Gillian Schoeneck, Oak Harbor
Cayla Housego, Olympia
Cynthia Benitz, Petersburg
Sarah Rudolph, Port Townsend
David Naughton, Port Townsend
Jessica Martin, Roy
Nathan Maudlin, Salt Lake City, UT
Michael Dalbora, Seattle
Nathaniel Willis, Seattle
Gennafer Litke, Sedro-Woolley
Ashlee Johnson, Sedro-Woolley
Janae Vanderwoude, Sedro-Woolley
Carly Froneberger, Sedro-Woolley
Cameron Meyer, Sedro-Woolley
Brooklynn Smith, Sedro-Woolley
Trevor Giddings, Sedro-Woolley
Allison Nichols, Sedro-Woolley
Alexandria Miller, Sedro-Woolley
Alexis Kelley, Sedro-Woolley
Shalauna Serna, Sedro-Woolley
Michael Patty, Sedro-Woolley
Monica Vickers, Sedro-Woolley
Bailey Kelley, Sedro-Woolley
Sheila Escaleraguillen, Sedro-Woolley
Roselyn Galano, Sedro-Woolley
Olivia Leach, Sedro-Woolley
Jan Wiemann, Sedro-Woolley
Matthew Jackson, Sedro-Woolley
Ben Delmoe, Sedro-Woolley
Kalli Clausen, Sedro-Woolley
Garrett Kennedy, Sedro-Woolley
Kayla Skelton, Sedro-Woolley
Nichole Ridgell, Sedro-Woolley
Diane Rogers, Sedro-Woolley
Mollie Burton, Sedro-Woolley
Steven Walker, Sedro-Woolley
Katherine Holtcamp, Sedro-Woolley
Lucinda Kesterson, Sedro-Woolley
Adrianna Lanuzaortiz, Sedro-Woolley
Raeann Welch, Sedro-Woolley
Geovany Magana, Sedro-Woolley
Charles Biles, Sedro-Woolley
Reuben Cash, Sedro-Woolley
Debra Gardner, Sedro-Woolley
Kyle Beuse, Sedro-Woolley
Hannah Pendergrass, Sedro-Woolley
Waylon Moffitt, Sedro-Woolley
Saul Lopez, Sedro-Woolley
Russell Johnson, Sedro-Woolley
Steven Barnes, Shelton
Christa Hunt, Snohomish
Lisa Davison, Snohomish
Dason Youngblood, South Jordan
Emily Cornell, Stanwood
Willow Cook, Stanwood
Elizabeth Springer, Stanwood
Gavin Schweitzer, Stanwood
Natalie Butler, Stanwood
Veronica Vizcaya, Stanwood
Andrew Waldorf, Stanwood
Ian Hazleton, Stanwood
Spring Feinstein, Stanwood
Ryan Bonner, Stanwood
Seth Richey, Stanwood
Roy Eddleman, Stanwood
Kristen Specht, Stanwood
Stephen Hansen, Stanwood
John Mcguire, Stanwood
Jason Anderson, Stanwood
Christinia Mcwethy, Tulalip
Judy Johnson, Tulalip
Matthew Titus, Vancouver
Nikolas Rockneyfinger, Ventura, CA###


Governor Inslee appoints Flora Lucatero as new Skagit Valley College Trustee

Flora Lucatero, SVC Board Member

Flora Lucatero, of Mount Vernon, has been notified by Governor Inslee’s office that she has been appointed to the Skagit Valley College (SVC) Board of Trustees. Her appointment is effective December 2017 and runs to September 2022. She replaces John Stephens who recently completed 10 years of service as a Board member.

“Skagit Valley College is making a difference in our community by opening the doors to higher education for everyone who seeks a better future,” said Ms. Lucatero. “SVC has created a learning environment where all are welcomed and receive the support they need to succeed. I am proud to serve on the Board to support of the College’s mission and I’m excited to help bridge the gap for students who think that post-secondary education is not attainable.”

“Flora’s diverse educational experiences will enhance the Board’s leadership and community connections,” said Dr. Tom Keegan, SVC President. “Her insights will be valuable as the Board focuses its strategic direction in support of the College’s core themes of access, achievement, and community.”

In 2006, Flora Lucatero started the Children of the Valley After School Program and serves as the organization’s executive director. The COV program’s mission is to provide a positive, caring, and supportive environment for children of low-income families that values each child’s potential, while offering a variety of cultural enrichment activities as well as academic support. In addition, COV seeks to create partnerships and relationships within the community.

Ms. Lucatero is deeply engaged with civic and cultural life as a parent, a professional, and as an advocate for young students and their families. She places great value on community connections, as demonstrated by the many leadership roles that she has held. She has served as Program Director for the College Assistance Migrant Program at Central Washington University. In addition, she has served as President of the West View Elementary Parent Teacher Association, a Board Member with the META Performing Arts Board, and Vice-President with the Mount Vernon-Conway Youth Baseball Board.

Ms. Lucatero earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in American Cultural Studies from Western Washington University in 2001. In addition, she attended the Conversational Spanish Program at Centro Cultural de Lenguas in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico during the summer of 1999.

The Skagit Valley College Board of Trustees consists of five members, all of whom are residents of Skagit, Island, or San Juan counties and are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Washington State Senate.

Culinary Arts student chefs ready to serve you in the Cardinal Café

Did you know that SVC’s Culinary Arts program operates its own café on the Mount Vernon Campus? The Cardinal Café is open to the college community AND to the general public! 

Under the direction of our amazing Culinary Arts Chef Instructor Gil Rodriguez, SVC student chefs are ready to prepare and serve your next gourmet lunch!

If you are in the area of the Mount Vernon Campus, stop by and enjoy lunch prepared and served by our student chefs. Or, plan your next business meeting or lunch date with a friend at SVC!

Chef Gil and his team keep the menu interesting, so you can travel the world without leaving Mount Vernon! Here are the upcoming international menu themes:

  • Jan. 17/18: South Africa
  • Jan. 24/25: Japan
  • Jan. 31/Feb. 1: Korea
  • Feb. 7/8: China
  • Feb. 14/15: Southeast Asia
  • Feb. 21/22: Spain
  • Feb. 28/March 1: Middle East
  • March 7/8: Italy

Cardinal Café is open Wednesday & Thursday, 11:30–1:30. Join Us!
To make a reservation email or call and leave a message at 360.416.7608.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is January 15th



On Monday, January 15th, all SVC campuses and centers will be closed in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

2018-2019 SVC Foundation Scholarship Application is available NOW!

The Financial Aid Office and SVC Foundation are pleased to share that the 2018-2019 SVC Foundation Scholarship Application is available NOW! Students are receiving this news directly as well, but I am hoping you will help spread the word.

As many of you know, the SVC Foundation offers a wide variety of scholarships each year to eligible students. Nearly half a million dollars in scholarships were awarded last year, alone! Students only need to complete one application, along with one essay to be considered for ALL Foundation scholarships. Current, future, and graduating SVC students should apply.

*NEW* This year, ALL students will submit their materials completely online, via a web application! The application and submission instructions are available on the SVC Foundation Scholarships page. No paper applications will be accepted.

Applications for the 2018-2019 academic year are being accepted now, through 11:59pm on March 15, 2018. No late applications will be accepted.

The SVC Foundation will be hosting two workshops on the Mount Vernon Campus to assist students with drafting their scholarship essays. Workshops will be held in the Multipurpose Room on February 8th at 9:30am and 2:30pm. Please encourage students to attend!